Who have you thanked lately? Read my note and share yours.

Dear Jonathan,

It was sheer luck that my 8-year-old decided dance had to be in her future! Which led me to you, and the Shaker Dance Academy. I could feel the soul connection and the depth and power of your energy almost instantly when I entered the space. The music vibrated in tow, as if reinforcing the spirit of the place.

This is just an email to say simply “thank you”. Thank you for sharing your energy with the world, and in particular, the children of the world, and for inspiring so many of us every day to live with enthusiasm, to embrace our individuality, and to be grateful for the moments of joy that allow for reflection, openness and growth.

There were a few other mothers watching you through the glass window of the classroom–one woman remarked: “It is an honor to watch Jonathon teach”–”A privilege”, I responded. Every once in while in life, we come across human beings, products, places and experiences that open our world up for a moment and create feelings of gratitude and joy for being here. To put it simply, every once in a while “We dance!”

Wishing you continued success and joy,

Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch and Kidgistix
Author, Dream It! Launch It! Live It!: Get the Life You Want in 5 Minutes a Day!


There are so many times we feel thankful to others but life, busyness and stress gets in the way of sending them a proper thank you note. By proper, I mean, a note filled with the emotion that captures the spirit of the moment of one’s thankfulness. Today I decided to thank Jonathan for his transformative energy—literally someone whose own internal energy changes the nature of the physical space he inhabits. Transformation should never go unnoticed, undocumented, or unfelt in a superlative life.

Who have you thanked lately? Share your thank you’s here. Gratitude is contagious! To share in person, learn more about upcoming events in NYC!


Shaker Dance Academy provides professional-level training in the arts of dance and drama, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, point’e, broadway theater and tap, for students of all ages and levels of experience. Founders and teachers Jonathan and Tracey Webb have extensive dance and choreography training experience, including a New York-based theatrical arts and entertainment background, having worked closely with such renowned stars as Donna Summer, Whitney Houston and Debbie Allen, among many, many more.

December 2012
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