Dropshipping Apps for Shopify in 2022: The Must-Have Tools

You don’t want to waste money on needless software while you’re just getting started with an e-commerce business. Apps loaded on a mobile device may differ based on the kind and characteristics of the store. We’ve put up a list of handy Shopify applications that will make your dropshipping company easier.

A professional Shopify development firm is essential if you need to improve the logic of dropshipping Shopify applications or design. A new app that matches your specific business objectives.

1. Importation of Products

Let’s start with tools for streamlining the order-processing procedure. It’s counterproductive to communicate client information to vendors by hand, for example, while processing orders. Several free and premium Shopify applications promise to fill in all the necessary information about the consumer and their order in a single step. If this is the case, you will just be required to make a payment for your order.

Oberlo Shopify App

Specific software for the Shopify platform has been developed to make it easier. To integrate items from AliExpress into an online store.

The whole process of importing items, placing, and paying for orders is automated. And needs no work on your part because Oberlo interfaces directly with Shopify.


For dropshipping, DSers is the official AliExpress app. Oberlo, on the other hand, is a paid service that charges a fee for its services.

Allows AliExpress items to be imported

Enables for large purchases

Auto-ordering is possible

Offers unrestricted monthly sales

Delivery methods can be configured

Synchronizes tracking numbers automatically

Facilitates the tracking of shipments

In aiding in stock and pricing control

Numerous stores may be managed from one user’s account.

Try out both Oberlo and DSers to see which one works best for you as a merchant and your company.


As its name suggests, Fulfillbot is a one-stop-shop for dropshipping from China. Product procurement, quality control, order fulfillment, storage, packaging, and shipping are all taken care of by these professionals.


Orders may be fulfilled in bulk by using Fulfillbot’s “automated” capability. Everything will be done automatically. Not only that, but tracking numbers and order statuses will be seamlessly transferred to your online store!

Using Fulfillbot, retail owners may better brand their establishments. There is no minimum order quantity for personalized labels, hangtags, packing backs, or gift cards!

As long as you have an account, you will be allocated a customer support representative who will assist you with any issues you may have.

Using their worldwide warehouse is an option if your order is very large or if you need it to be delivered even more quickly. They have warehouses in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

Please contact our support team if there are any products in fulfilling both you are unable to locate. They will order them on your behalf.

Payoneer, veem, credit cards, and bank transfers are all supported.

Fast worldwide shipping: the average delivery time to the United States and the United Kingdom is 6-13 days, while the average delivery time to other countries is 9-20 days.

Customer feedback on your products can boost your store’s revenue and profit margins. Customers’ reviews and images of the actual goods help potential buyers make a decision more quickly.

In this case, there aren’t any customer reviews or ratings to guide your purchase decision. When you look at the same thing at a different store, you notice a lot of favorable reviews and images. The second store, we’re confident, will be favored by everybody.

Loox Shopify App

Your product pages will be enriched with photographs of customer reviews when you use this application. Your application will handle the rest if you only choose from AliExpress’s most relevant reviews.

Automated emails can also be sent out by Loox, which asks customers for reviews. Customers that include images in their evaluations may be eligible for a discount from your business. You also have the option of moderating the reviews you get, which means that only the ones you approve will be published. Alternatively, you may set up a separate page where you can post all of your product reviews.

In addition, the app’s ability to translate user evaluations into a variety of languages (including but not limited to English and French) is a huge plus.

As said by Ali,

Dropshippers using AliExpress can also benefit from Ali Reviews. It makes it simple to incorporate AliExpress product reviews into your business.

The Loox app provides similar functions. The widgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Increasing the value of your product or service On Shopify

Upselling is no more a luxury, but a necessity in today’s world. The ROI, average order value, and total turnover of your store may all be significantly boosted by using this sales technique in your operation. Upselling may be classified into four broad categories:

Product page promotion before the purchase

When a customer adds a product to the shopping basket, promoting further products.

Once the purchase has already been made

Upselling via email and remarketing after the sale

On the product page, promoting further products.

An instant offer to acquire multiple units of a product or an extra product will appear on the product page in this situation. It provides a discount to clients in both variations. Discounted Pricing, Vitals (Volume Discounts and Product Bundles functionalities), and Frequently Bought Together programs can be used to achieve this option.

Cart add-ons can be used to promote product upgrades.

To build an upsell while adding an item to the basket, you may utilize the Discounted Upsells application. When a user hits the “Add to Cart” button on a website, a pop-up window appears with a discount offer for a similar or complementary good.

Customize the program parameters and look at a pop-up window with this feature. The average order value may be effectively raised in a specialty store by this method.

Post-sale up-sold products On Shopify

The Thank You Page appears after the consumer has completed the transaction. Customers can also be provided the opportunity to purchase more items at a reduced price on this page.

It’s possible to provide a discount on a product that the consumer has previously purchased or any other product that complements it. A discount value must take into consideration a product’s purchase price as well as the delivery cost to ensure a profit on the upsell. Using Zipify OneClickUpsell or ReConvert, a retailer may put this into practice. We suggest you try ReConvert as it has a free plan.

The End of the Road

Before making a purchase, test out a few Shopify applications for free to see which ones work best for your company’s needs. The speed of your website can be slowed if you have a lot of applications installed, so think carefully before you install one.

If you decide to remove an app from your store, be sure to follow the removal instructions carefully to avoid leaving behind any unwanted code.