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Instagram Analytics: The Definitive Guide with Useful Case Studies

Instagram Analytics

Do you want your Instagram Account to get tons of likes and comments, and maybe even some leads and sales?

If you said “yes,” then it’s time to start paying attention to the data behind your Instagram Reels.

Analyzing your analytics data may teach you a lot about your audience and the effectiveness of the material you’ve created for them.

You’ll get in-app and out-of-the-box tips for using Vista Social’s sophisticated reporting tool to track the metrics that matter most for optimizing your Instagram Reels strategy.

Well, so let’s begin.

The term “Instagram Reels” doesn’t seem to fit.

Short movies called “Reels” on Instagram cannot exceed 90 seconds in duration. Instagram allows users to add various elements such as stickers, effects, music, and text overlays to their photos.

Instagram videos up to 90 seconds in length are included in Discovery, despite the fact that all Instagram videos up to 15 minutes in length are also published as Reels. This implies that Instagram users are more likely to share your short Video with their own followers, thus increasing the reach of your company promotion.

In addition to the longer format “Reels,” Instagram allows the creation of “Stories,” where users may share shorter clips.

There are a few key distinctions between Instagram Reels and Instagram Story.

The Value of Instagram Highlight Reels

Listed below is a short summary of currently available Instagram Reels:

Insights from Instagram Reels are…what?

The success of your Instagram videos that aren’t part of a “Story” may be tracked with the help of Instagram Reel analytics. You can find out when is the best time to upload videos, what kind of content people like to watch on Reel, and what kinds of videos perform well.

With Instagram’s business profile, you may access a built-in analytics dashboard on your mobile device. Insights like these may be used to fine-tune your Instagram content strategy, Reels included, in light of user preferences.

Only Instagram Business and Instagram Creator accounts have access to Instagram Insights at this time.

Follow these Instagram reels analytics to keep up with the platform

A few key Instagram Reels metrics to keep an eye on are as follows:

Analytics for Instagram Stories Reels inside the app

Here’s how to get Instagram Reels data in the app on your mobile device.

1. Log into your business management system

Get the Instagram app going, then head on over to your profile page. Under your bio, select the ‘Professional dashboard’ option.

Instagram provides a business dashboard that compiles data over the previous two years. By default, the website will only show the most recent 30 days of data.

2. Check out Reels insights

Click “Show all” under “Account insights” to get further details. After you click it, you’ll be sent to Instagram’s “Overview” page.

Choose “Reels” under “Material You Shared” on the overview page’s bottom. Try tapping “View all” and then choosing “Reels” from the submenu that appears above the content thumbnails if you still can’t locate it.

3. Identify the Item you wish to dissect

Choose the Reel you’d want to examine and tap the Analyze button.

Instagram automatically arranges your Reels in order of interaction. You can now quickly identify your best-performing Reels.

Your Reel’s runtime, audio, and effects are all displayed on the “Reel Insights” tab. The stats for your Instagram Reels (views, likes, comments, etc.) are summarized for you above the fold as well.

4. Look at how far your Reel can cast and keep track of the clock

See the “Accounts reached” indicator, located just below the Reel insights summary, to find out how many people watched your Reel. In this case, the sum of all views your Reel received.

You may analyze the success of individual Reels with the help of Instagram’s built-in analytics tool.

To effectively implement Reels data, keep the following in mind:

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