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3 Trending Instagram Story Ideas To Get More Reach

3 Trending Instagram Story Ideas To Get More Reach

With the shortest lifespan of 24 hours and vertical orientation, Instagram stories are the most popular feature among IG users. Since Instagram stories create a sense of urgency, the number of content creators and story viewers is constantly growing. According to the statistics, more than 500 million people watch Instagram stories daily. 

In addition, stories grow 15X times faster than a normal Instagram feed post. As a result, many brands and influencers are using Instagram stories to grab the attention of their target audience. It is difficult to attract your potential audience in the fastest-growing social media platform, but you can do it with unique and engaging Instagram story ideas.

Posting informative stories on Instagram will encourage your audience to come back for more content and engage with your stories. In this post, I’ll share trending content ideas to uplift the  reach of Instagram posts among a massive audience. 

Why Should You Create Engaging Instagram Stories?

We all know that Instagram stories are popular among a wider audience. But here are three main reasons why all users should create stunning Instagram stories

To Create a Brand Identity

Businesses and many influencers works on creating a unique brand identity on Instagram. Uploading a creative story in your own style is a great way to reach a wider audience and build trust with them. 

Beat The Competitor

On Instagram, the number of people who create stories is constantly growing, and they are focused on creating eye-catching content that grabs user attention. When creating engaging Instagram stories, show the audience what makes your content unique from other Instagram accounts.

Engage Your Viewers

With the wide range of in-built features and stickers, stories provide a huge opportunity for brands and creators to interact with their users. It not only helps you to engage with your audience but also it creates an emotional connection between the creators and the viewers. 

After knowing the importance of Instagram stories, it is time to learn how to create stunning stories on instagram to expand your reach. 

#1: Find Current IG Story Trends

We all know that social media apps can always change their algorithm. A trend that worked last month may not work today. So it is important to stay updated before starting with content to attract a new audience to your profile. Analyse current Instagram story trends before creating any content on the platform. 

Recreating current story trends is the perfect way to attract more audience for  your Instagram story and drive traffic to your IG profile. Sharing trending videos will make your audience engage with your brand and content on Instagram. 

#2: Create High-Quality Visuals

The quality of your videos or images is the most important thing to capture someone’s eye and attention on Instagram. So make your Instagram story as clear and crisp as possible because many people on Instagram like to see content more than hear or read. Make sure to know the ratio and dimensions of your stories to make them look more attractive to your audience. 

Moreover, use Instagram editing tools and features to make your story eye-catching to your potential audience. In addition, a user can find various online video editing tools to polish their Instagram story videos. 

#3: Include Interactive Stickers

Using creative stickers in your Instagram stories is the best way to interact and communicate with your potential audience. Instagram has made your work simple by having stickers that allow creators to interact and engage with their audience. Whether you are a creator or a brand, ask a question, have a poll, share a catalogue, and add a link to your website in IG stories. 

Using interactive stickers in your Instagram stories can help build a bond between users and an audience. In addition, use attractive effects and filters that engage your potential audience and improve your brand awareness. 


On Instagram, it is not easy to create stunning stories that engage your audiences. But there are many things to consider when creating content that interacts with your audience. Always stay up to date to attract new audiences to your Instagram profile and expand your brand exposure. 

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