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Increase Your Instagram Influence: 6 Simple Tricks To Get More Likes

Simple Tricks To Get More Likes

Social Media plays a vital role in this modern era. From small business to large and personal branding will have more benefits with marketing on social media. Every day, the influencers and bloggers are increasing faster on this platform. You have such amazing platforms for spreading your voice and reach out people worldwide. Each and every social media platform has a unique algorithm, you need to follow this to grow your social media profile.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform, with 1.3 billion monthly active users. Nowadays, the main goal of influencers, bloggers, marketers, and businesses is to have millions of followers on their Instagram profiles. Increasing likes on their profiles is essential for maximum Instagram engagement. If you want to have thousands of followers, you need to follow the algorithm, keep up to date on all trends, and apply the right techniques while posting content.

You can find all these techniques and the importance of getting more organic views from real users in this article. Follow these articles to learn the easy ways to increase engagement. 

Spread Your Voice

Spreading your voice is the most significant feature for portraying your brand on Instagram. Your brand will become more real and more relatable if you have a clear and reliable voice. 

If you are genuine in your brand voice, people will like your content on Instagram. This is the natural way to increase likes on Instagram.

Following Clever Strategy

Having a perfect startegy for scheduling your post and deciding the number of posts every week. Make sure the quality of your content increases engagement on your post. You need to analyze your target audience’s engaging time, and most liked content for your future content. 

Related Captions

Captions are the most important attributes for building trust in your audience. It would help if you wrote your own captions for your post to look unique. It will increase the chance of getting a higher reach and engagement on your post. If you post more attractive and funny captions on your post, people will enjoy your content and rewatch it. Captions are a fantastic tool to grab viewers’ attention towards your post. Adding emojis in your captions attracts viewers and is easily readable and understandable about your content.

Using High-Quality Images

Posting high-quality images on your page makes a good outlook on your profile and purchase likes for Instagram reels. Taking pictures with good lighting and a perfect view can draw better results on your account. Try to capture images at the right time on a day. Your image will look like it will speak about your business/profile.

Creative Instagram Stories
If you want more people to engage with your content, stories are the best way to achieve it. You can get a high turnover on your account while posting content on your stories. Post content on stories using different features and pools and conducting QA sessions will increase engagement on your feed. You can get more ideas from your followers for your future content while conducting Q&A sessions. Posts about your daily routines spread more authenticity to your followers. You can influence people directly on stories and sharing real time stories can lift your audience.

Consistent Posting

Frequently posting content on your account will make people habitual on your post like a daily dose. If you want to create curiosity for your followers, you can post slowmo, boomerangs, motivational quotes, entertaining stuff and educational posts. Always try to create attractive content for people to get knowledge from you. 

Trending Topics

Always be updated on current trends around you on social media. You have to use trending songs on your post to get viral in a way. Post trending topics on your account and communicate with people in the comment section. This will make your audience more engaging and at the end they will like and share your post.

Call To Action

To increase engagement on your profile, you can add CTA in your caption. Trigger the audience to like your post or visit your profile through a call to action button. It will increase engagement and reach on your post, as per algorithm. Using emojis on CTA’s is the best option to attract your followers to take action.

Follow  Competitors

It would help if you analyzed your competitors to get more ideas for creating engaging content and getting better results. Find the strategies of your competitors and analyze the type of content they are posting for maximum likes. The most important for content reach is you need to interact with their followers in their comment section. It will increase visitors to your profile and also build brand awareness. 


Knowing the current trends and techniques are necessary to increase likes on your content rapidly. All the ways are included in this article to skyrocket your likes. You can utilize all the tips to get maximum leads, conversions and likes.